How Do I Create Programs In Bulk?

General Information
If your organization has many programs to enter or you already maintain a list of your programming in a separate database or spreadsheet, you can now quickly and easily create your Programs through the Org Dashboard.  Our aim in creating this additional avenue to enter programming is to include a broader range of learning opportunities on CCOL that may have been too numerous to enter otherwise, or to prevent duplication of work for orgs that already maintain this information.

In order to upload your programs:

Create Programs Through Bulk Upload
On the Org Programs page:

  1. Click the "Import Programs" button in the top right:
  2. On the Import Programs screen, select a properly formatted csv file.  See the heading Formatting Your CSV File below for more on properly formatting the csv.  You can also download example templates to enter your programs into: 
  3. If you would like to do a test run before actually creating the programs, select the "Test the File Only" box.  This will email you a test report so that you can ensure that all of your programs will be created, or fix the ones that show an error:
  4. Adjust your delimiters if necessary, then click the "Create Programs" button: 
  5. You will see a notification that your programs are being created.  You should receive an email shortly thereafter with the import results: 

Formatting Your CSV File
In order to begin the formatting of your data, you can either use your own existing spreadsheet file containing your program data, or fill in one of the sample templates available on the Import Programs screen.  

Please note that if you use your own file, you must make sure that the header names in your file match the header names in the system template exactly.  A list of the header names is provided below.  Any data in a field that does not have a matching header will not be imported.

Below is a listing of the data headers (with the required ones noted by "req."), including the data type and options if applicable:

Header Name Data Type Entry Notes/Options
Folder_Name (req.) String Name of the folder within your organization where you would like this program to go.  If name of existing folder is used, then programs will be added to an existing folder.  If a new name is used, then a new folder will be created for that program.
Program_Name (req.) String Name of the program that you are adding.
Program_Description (req.) String Description of the program that you are adding.
Logo_URL String

Link to where the desired logo image for this program is stored on the internet.  If this field is left blank, the program will inherit the organization logo supplied in the dashboard.

URL must include "http://"

Category (req.) Number

The category that best fits the program that you are adding.  Enter the number that corresponds to the desired category.  Only the number should be entered, no text.


Academic Support 223
Building & Fixing Things 210
Computers. 228
Customer/Human Service 351
Digital media. 225
Food. 229
Healthcare 220
Helping Your Community. 215
Law 216
Managing money. 224
Math 219
Music & art. 232
Nature. 226
Performance. 227
Reading & writing. 230
Science 218
Social Studies 221
Sports + Wellness. 231
Teaching 217
Transportation 211
Work + Career 222


Program_Capacity Number The total number of seats or slots available to be filled in this program.
Min_Age (req.) Number Minimum age of program participants
Max_Age (req.) Number Maximum age of program participants
Meeting_Type (req.) String

Does this program meet in a physical location or online?  Enter the option that corresponds to your program. 




Location_Name String Name of the physical location where the program will take place.
Address (req.)* String Program street address
City (req.)* String Program city
State (req.)* String Program state
Zipcode (req.)* String Program zipcode
Online_Address (req.)** String

Online URL where the program takes place.

URL must include "http://"

Program_URL String

Online URL that contains more information about the program.

URL must include "http://"

Registration_URL String

Online URL where users can register for this program.

URL must include "http://"

Start_Date (req.) Date

Start date for this program.



End_Date (req.) Date

End date for this program.



Start_Time Time

Start time for this program.


00:00 AM/PM

End_Time Time

End time for this program.


00:00 AM/PM

Registration_Deadline Date

Date registration closes for this program.



Contact_Name String Name of point of contact for more information on this program.
Contact_Email String

Email of point of contact for more information on this program.


Contact_Phone String

Phone number of point of contact for more information on this program.



Price (req.) Number

Price range of this program.  Enter the number corresponding to the price range this program falls within.


0 - Free

1 - $1-$50

2 - $50+

Extra_Data String Additional data for research purposes.  This data is not used by the system.
Hide Number

Whether or not this program should be hidden when it is created.  Enter "1" to hide the program in that row.  Leave blank to keep that row visible.

Dosage Number

The number of hours of learning that the student will receive during this program

Internal_ID Number

Internal identification number that you can assign to this program.  Adding an internal ID number will allow you to edit programs in bulk.

Neighborhood String The neighborhood in which this program takes place
Community String The community in which this program takes place
Ward String The ward in which this program takes place

Address, City, State and Zipcode are only required if Meeting_Type entry for that row is face_to_face.

** Online_Address is only required if Meeting_Type entry for that row is online.

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