How Do I Add or Remove Admin Users in My Organization?

General Information
In order to add an Admin User to your organization you first need to make sure that you yourself have an Admin account and that you are logged in to the Org Dashboard for your organization. If you are unsure how to login to your administrator account please see this article.

Also, please note that only Organization Administrators can add additional admins to your Organization. Program Managers do not have the ability to do this.

How to Add an Admin User

  1. Once you are logged into your Org Dashboard, click the "+Add New Member" button located on the Org Overview page. 
  2. In the "Add Member" pop up, enter First Name, Last Name and Email Address for the admin, and choose the Admin User type.  Click here for a deeper explanation of the different admin types. 
  3. If you choose "Program Manager" as the admin type, you will see a list of all Programs under your organization.  Note: Program Managers must be specifically added to any Programs that they will be responsible for managing. 
  4. Click "Add User".  You will receive a message that the Admin has been added successfully.  The admin will receive an email with further instructions on logging in for the first time.

How to Remove an Admin User

  1. In your Org Dashboard, click the "-remove" button located next to any Admin in the Organization Members panel of the Org Overview page. 
  2. You will receive a confirmation that the admin has been removed successfully, and you will no longer see their name in the Organization Members panel.
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