How Do I Award a Badge to a Learner

General Information
Once you verify that a Learner has met all Criteria to earn a specific Badge, the next step is to Award the Badge to that Learner or multiple Learners.  Before you proceed, please make sure that the Badge you want to issue is associated with the correct Program, and that the Learner or Learners are registered to that Program.  

Note: Evaluating whether or not a Learner qualifies to earn a Badge is the responsibility of the Admin that is awarding the Badge.  The Admin Dashboard does not contain a robust system of checks to ensure that only students who deserve the Badge are awarded the Badge, so please use caution.  Badges are very difficult to revoke once they have been issued.

Awarding a Badge
In order to award a Badge to a Learner or multiple Learners:

  1. Log into your Organization's admin dashboard and locate the "Badges" section at the lower left hand side.  This panel shows all of the Badges created by your Organization.  
  2. Click on the blue caret to the left of the name of the Badge that you would like to edit.  You will see a list of the Workshops and Events associated with the Badge and the option to "Award Badges" next to each.
  3. Click the blue "Award Badge" button next to the desired Workshop or Event.  You will be taken to the "Award Badge" page.
  4. Here, you will see a list of all Learners rostered to the Workshop or Event that you are awarding this Badge for.  You can select all rostered Learners by clicking "All Students", or check specific Learners off individually.
  5. You also have the option to add Learners to the roster at this time by entering their email address or username and clicking "Add Student", or by clicking "Register New Student" if the Learner is not already in the local COL system.
  6. If evidence is required for this Badge in the metadata, you can indicate that it has been submitted by checking the "Required" box, and uploading the evidence file or typing in the evidence URL.  NOTE: If you are issuing a Badge to multiple Learners, this will submit the same piece of evidence for all  selected Learners. 
  7. When you are finished, click "Award Badge" at the bottom of the page.  A dialogue box will pop up with the awarding status.  When it is complete you will see "awarded" next to the name of each Learner on the pop-up.
  8. You can choose the option to either award the Badge to more Learners, or return to the Admin Dashboard.
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