Can Another Organization Award A Badge That I Created?

General Information
After you create a Badge, Org Administrators have the ability to share that Badge with other Organizations so that they can award it as well.  This is useful, for example, if you are partnering with another Organization to provide programming, or if there is a series of events hosted by different Orgs that comprise a Badge.

The Organization(s) that you share the Badge with are only able to award the Badge, they can not edit the Badge.  Similarly, if the Badge is updated by the creator, it will update the Badge for all Organizations that it has been shared with.

Modify Who Can Award This Badge
In order to modify what Programs and Organizations can issue this Badge:

  1. On the Badge Details page, click the "Add Program to Badge" link in the "Programs" panel: 
  2. You will be taken to the Manage Badge Issuers page.  Here, you can choose to allow any Programs added to a specific Folder to issue a Badge, select or remove individual Programs that are able to issue the Badge, or allow another Organization to issue the badge:
  3. When you have made your selections, click the "Update Badge Issuers" button.  You will see a banner declaring that the Badge Issuers were updated successfully, and be taken back to the Badge Details page to continue working.
  4. If you chose to allow additional Organizations to issue the badge, the Org Admins will receive a notification by email.
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