How Do I Share What I've Done in CCOL?

General Information
As you participate in CCOL activities and earn badges, that record of accomplishments is collected on your CCOL profile page on the Timeline.  CCOL makes it easy to let others know about your accomplishments with our sharing functionality for Programs and Badges:

  • Download and print certificates for the Badges that you have earned.  
  • Share details of your Badges and the work you did to earn them through email and social media.
  • Share descriptions of Programs that you participated in or that you plan to in the future through social media and email 

Most of the sharing functions on CCOL require you to first log into your CCOL account.  If you do not have a CCOL account, click here for instructions.

Download and Print Badge Certificates:

  1. Begin by logging into your CCOL account.  You will be taken to your My Profile page.  Click here for instructions on how to log in.
  2. In the What I Have Done section of the profile, or after clicking "Show Timeline" to reveal all of the badges you have earned, click on a badge image to be taken to the badge detail page: 
  3. On the badge detail page, above the badge image, you will see options for sharing the badge.  Options presented are filtered based on age: 
  4. Click on the orange cloud with the arrow on it to download a PDF badge certificate.  You will see a popup window shortly thereafter asking you where you would like to save the certificate.  Choose a location and click "Save":
  5. Go to the location where you saved the badge certificate and open it.  The certificate should look similar to this:
  6. You're all set!  The certificate is ready to print out or email as an attachment.

Share Badge Details:

  1. Log into your CCOL account and on the My Profile page, click on any badge that you have earned under the "What I Have Done" section or under "Show Timeline".  You will be taken to the Badge Details page.
  2. On the Badge Details page, click on any of the icons for social media services to share a link to the badge that you earned on that service: 
  3. You can also click on the envelope icon to share the badge details through email.  You will see a popup that asks you to select an service, or a link that you can copy and paste into your browser: 
  4. Note: badge sharing options are filtered by age of the user.  Users 13 and older will see the full range of social media, email, and download badge certificate options.  User under 13 will only see email and download badge certificate as options.

Share Program Details:

  1. Go to and search thousands of activities based on your interests.  Click on a search result card to go to the Program Details page:
  2. On the Program Details page, using the icons under the program description, select a social media or email service and share information about this program with your family and friends!
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