How do I navigate the website?

General Information
The CCOL websites are typically broken down into 6 main informational pages which can be accessed using the top navigation bar. These six pages are Homepage, Activities, Digital Badges, How It Works, Events and About CCOL.

The Pages

  • Home Page - The Home page will show you how to claim and setup your CCOL account as well as any popular/featured activities/challenges.
  • Activities - The Activities page is where you can search for and view all the information on all possible activities/challenges you can have your child take part in.
  • Digital Badges - The Digital Badges page will let you view all the possible badges your child can earn by completing challenges and activities.
  • How It Works - The How it Works page is an overall guide on how to use the CCOL platform
  • Events - The Events page has a listing of all the upcoming event dates and synopsis of a particular event.
  • About COL - The About CCOL page will give you an informational overview of the Chicago Cities of Learning initiative.
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