Setting Up & Whitelisting Your Accounts

Setting Up & Whitelisting Your Accounts

In order to log-in to the DYN server, you’ll need to register your accounts with the DYN Server Team.

If you’re providing your own Minecraft accounts to use on the server, you’ll need to provide the following details during the DYN Server On-Ramping Process:

  1. The original Minecraft Account Credentials for each account.
    1. This is a necessary step to whitelist your accounts on our server.
    2. It prevents participants and guest facilitators from using and learning your real minecraft account credentials at events.
  2. Default User Names for the DYN Launcher
    • These will be used if a participant or facilitator isn’t assigned to the account.
    • DYN Launcher default passwords will be created for each default account.
  3. The number of accounts that should be restricted for facilitators and/or educators only.
    • Provide a desired user name for each.
    • A password will be created and sent to you for each account once created.

If all credentials are valid, you will receive a confirmation follow-up. Once you’ve received that, you can download and install the DYN Server Mods.

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