Starting the Tutorial Challenge

Note: In order to start the tutorial challenge, you must first be logged into the DYN Server. If you're not logged into the server yet, do that before continuing this guide.


Starting the Tutorial Challenge is straightforward if you've played Minecraft before, but if you haven't -- Let's start it together!

    • Step 0: Make sure you’re logged into the server and you see something similar to this:

    • Step 1: Your First step is to find the tutorial world!
      1. Use the following keys to move around and look for the tutorial world sign:
        • W = Move Forward
        • A = Move Left
        • S = Move Back
        • D = Move Right
      2. In order to interact with the button (Shown below) you’ll need to use your mouse:

        • Move the mouse’s cursor until it’s on top of the button like so:

        • Right-Click the mouse button, one time.
          • If you don’t have mouse with a left and right button on Macs:
            • Hold down the [ctrl] button & click the trackpad to perform a right-click

Once you've right clicked the button, you should be moved to another location. After that screen has finished loading, and you can see your first sign-post, you'll have successfully teleported to the Tutorial Zone.

Now, go forth and learn!

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