Link Your Khan Academy Account to CCOL

Khan Academy is Now Integrated Into Chicago City of Learning!
We are very pleased to announce that our users can now link their Khan Academy account with CCOL!  When you link your Khan Academy account to CCOL, you can quickly and easily keep track of your Khan and CCOL progress on a single profile page, and get started working on your favorite subjects.  You can also earn CCOL badges with work that you do on Khan Academy through CCOL playlists!

Linking Accounts

  1. Log in to your Chicago City of Learning account, and click the green "Link Account" button under the new "Explore Khan Academy" header (Click here to create a Chicago City of Learning Account if you do not already have one): 
  2. Next, you will be taken to the Khan Academy login page.  Enter your Khan Academy username and password and click "Sign In" or log in to your existing Khan account using Google or Facebook.  If you are not currently a Khan user, you can create a new account by clicking "Create a new account.":
  3. Once you sign in to your Khan Academy account, you will be asked to confirm that you want to link your Khan Academy account to your Chicago City of Learning account.  Click "Accept" to link your accounts:
  4. All done!  When your accounts are linked successfully, you will be taken back to CCOL to continue exploring!  You can use the subject icons to start working on Khan activities and view your Khan energy points:

Earn CCOL Badges For Your Khan Academy Activity

Once you link your Khan Academy account to CCOL, you can track progress and earn CCOL badges for work that you do on Khan Academy by starting a Playlist on CCOL.  Playlists are collections of related activities that you can do at your own pace.   

  1. To find Khan content that you can receive credit for on CCOL, start by going to Explore->Playlists at the top of any CCOL page:
  2. Click on a Playlist card to go to the playlist detail page.  If the Playlist contains Khan activities, you will see "Khan Academy" on the activity cards:
  3. To begin working on the activities, click the blue "Start This Playlist" button.  You will see a confirmation at the top of the page that you have begun the playlist:
  4. You will also see an indication of how many activities in the Playlist need to be completed in order to finish the Playlist:
  5. Click on a Khan Academy activity, and click the green "Get Started in Khan Academy" button to go to Khan Academy and start working:
  6. Return to this playlist page on CCOL at any point to update your progress by clicking the blue "Check Your Progress" button.  The page will quickly show what activities you have completed, and which ones you are still working on:


  7. When you have completed all of the required activities, you will see a message congratulating you on your work!  Explore more playlists or check your profile page to see what badges you have earned!

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