Getting Started With Data Insights on the Org Dashboard

General Information
In order to help our Partners work faster and smarter every time they log into the Org Dashboard, we have introduced Data Insights throughout the site to provide value to your experience.  When you first log in to the Org Dashboard, you will see two types of data insights: 

(Before proceeding, please check with your CCOL organization administrator to make sure that you have an admin account set up with the proper permissions.  Please refer to this article to learn more about the different types of admin access.)


Operational Snapshot
The data shown on the top left of the Org Overview page is your current operational snapshot.  This lets you know at a glance the current state of your content and your registration efforts this year to help you decide quickly what you would like to work on first.  Click Add Program or Add Badge to get started creating your content: 

  1. Current Programs: Programs that are currently running or are scheduled for the future
  2. Current Badges: Number of badges that are currently available to issue 
  3. Registered Learners: Number of learners registered to Programs in your Organization year-to-date 

Data Insights Panel
The data shown in the "Data Insights" panel is designed as a quick demographic snapshot of the users that your program serves.  Data Insights panels can be found on the Org Overview page, Program Detail pages and Badge Detail pages: 

  1. Filter By: Switch between demographics for current year registrants or all time data.
  2. Zip Codes: Top 5 zip codes reported by Learners registered to your Programs.
  3. Gender & Age: Gender and age of Learners registered to your Programs.  Note: gender is supplied by CPS for Learners that are linked to their CPS-imported account.  The CCOL platform does not collect gender information. 
  4. Interest in Doing/Being: Top 3 self-reported interests of the Learners registered to your Programs.

Improving Data Accuracy
You can improve how accurately your Data Insights reflect your Learners by encouraging your Learners fill in all Profile Completion Questions.  Click here for more information on helping Learners enter their information.

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