I Get A "Null" Error When Clicking Publish

"Null" Response Errors When Publishing a Program
Some users have reported that they receive a "null" error when attempting to create their programs through the form.  Often, this occurs because a session has ended or timed out, for instance, if you momentarily drop an internet connection or leave the system idle for a long time.  If you see the following text: "there was a problem saving your scheduled workshop - null" or something similar, try the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. The primary fix is usually to log out and log back in, then try creating your program again.  This ensures that you are in a live session, and you should be able to proceed with no issues.
  2. If the previous solution does not work, then try importing your programs instead of creating them through the web form.  Importing your programs may be faster, especially if you already have the required data available or are creating multiple programs.  Click here to find out how to import your programs.
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