Can I Copy Or Clone Existing Programs?

Now You Can Quickly Copy Programs To Save Time!
If your organization offers the same or similar programming quarter over quarter or year over year, it can be tedious to enter the same meta data several times.  If you have several programs that are very similar, the best way to enter these is by using the Bulk Import feature

However, if you only need to create a few similar programs, for example if you have two sessions of the same program that are merely different dates or locations, or you are offering a new session of an older program, then our new Copy Program feature will help you do so faster and easier.  

Before proceeding, please check with your CCOL organization administrator to make sure that you have an admin account set up with the proper permissions.  Please refer to this article to learn more about the different types of admin access.

Copying a program is simple:

How To Copy A Program

  1. Log in to the Org Dashboard and click on the Programs link to view all of your programs.
  2. Click on the program that you want to copy to go to the Program Details page.  Note: In order to see older programs that have been auto-archived, click the "Show Archived Programs" link near the top of the page
  3. On the Program Details page click the "Edit Program" link near the top of the page to go the Edit Program screen: Screen_Shot_2018-06-05_at_2.00.22_PM.png
  4. On the Edit Program screen, click the "Copy Into New Program" button: Screen_Shot_2018-06-05_at_2.02.51_PM.png
  5. Update the Program name, location, start date, end date, or any other program data that you would like to change and click the Publish Your Program button.  Your new copied program will be created in the folder that you specified.
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